The chronicles of my first marathon

I decided to have a crack at the 10K marathon, so I registered for one, “Tridhaatu Monsoon 10K Run”. This race will help me to qualify for the upcoming Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019 if I finish this race within 56 mins. Last week having cycled for 100 KM, I have got the cyclist’s Palsy. The fingers of my left hand are out of tune. And this scares the living daylights out of me, But I decided to go the distance and took it like a duck to water.


As I took my position at the start point, seeing myself at the finish point within 56 mins became a concrete motive. When Shilpa Shetty flagged off the marathon, I started doing, what I had never done before. I started running without fits and starts. The first lap I run fast with 4 mins pace, but as the distance kept increasing I lost my pace to 5 mins.


At 5 KM, I was exhausted, dehydrated and my legs were tired to run further. But this was the only ticket on which I would be able to apply for the recently opened registration for Mumbai Marathon.


So, I started running again, with hope as my greatest cheerleader and finished the race fair and square at 51 mins. As I was honored with the medal, the moment warmed the cockles of my heart.