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Cancer in the time of COVID-19

It’s been 24 days now since my dad was tested positive for Covid-19. First, he was kept in an isolation ward at TATA, later was transferred to the National sports club of India, where on 7th July, he was again tested and the report came negative following which he was suggested 14 days home quarantine. It’s a strict protocol at TATA that the cancer patients have to do home quarantine even after the report comes negative. So the 14 days are over now. Today, we went to the hospital but this time to the private building which is HOMI BABA BLOCK. The people at OPD refused to entertain us because the patient’s file was general and not private. There is a General OPD in the old building which is GOLDEN JUBILEE. General OPD is usually too crowded and has a long queue of patients. My dad’s boss knew someone from the private OPD, so he managed to get us the appointment. The doctor has recommended for the blood test, surgical physical fitness test, and Covid-19 test. The doctor says, two negative test reports are needed for the surgery. In the afternoon, we did the Covid-19 test and the report will come in 10 hours. For now, he has been kept in the Isolation ward. He will be allowed to leave only when the report comes negative. I only hope for the best.


I strangle my breath in my mouth and

Silence my voice in my throat.

Fear rules under my skin,

Inside my bones.

I have no six hands and the third eye

To take on the world.

Is there any place where my pain can find a purchase for itself?

I heard someone was throwing light-seeds somewhere.

Does it have the address of my darkness?

—Krishna Copywala