Being a Copywriter

Hello Mother,
I am doing fine here.
And guess what?
I have got the job!
I am working as a copywriter,
For a media agency.
But they are kind of weird people.
They asked me to write,
A crisp copy and tweak it a little.
Last night they crossed the line.
They asked me to write,
Content pegs for next month.
Mother, I think,
This agency was in the hotel industry,
Before I joined in.

krishna shivkumar  yadav

The Mosaic gold days

I met chao!
That’s what people called him,
But I always addressed him as sir.
We worked, travelled, talked and laughed,
Of random things, and stories untold.
He smoked, drank, and cracked jokes,
Not only enjoyed by me but every folk.
Those were the days, mosaic gold,
And now he ditched the world,
Chilling in heavenly abode.
My blood dried away the moment I heard the news,
I went outside and stood there streaming my dews.
And Meeta, his beloved wife,
And my ma’am, to whom so dear I hold.
I don’t know what to say to her,
So I just held her hand and let myself go.
I can picture how the days are passing for her like tortoise.
But believe me, ma’am,
Wherever he is, he still loves you and I know you love him double.
He is still cracking jokes,
And want you to smile.
Because every time he is mischievously watching you,
So you better be fine!


A Moment to remember.

I was working as an assistant director for the Starplus show “Veera” and a new character was introduced, which happened to be played by Keerti  Nagpure. Believe it or not, I was flattered by her simple look, the time I saw her. Being an assistant director, it was my job to hand over scripts to artist and explain them the scenes before they come on the set. I ended up finding excuses and devoting most of my time around her makeup room, while another assistant handled remaining artist. I strictly told sanchit (assistant), if she asks for anything or inquires about script or scene let me know about it. And soon, each and every one on the set knew about my liking for her, she too.  I used to escort her on the set and was very happy being seen out with her. I hated makeup men most, whenever they touched her face. I wished if I were a makeup man I could have touched her face but unfortunately I can’t. The hairdresser Heena pointed to a wig lying near the makeup room which happened to be Keerti’s. I just brushed my fingers through it, assuming it to be real hair of her.


I was fed up with the ongoing rivalry between Veera and Gunjan (off-screen) and they  never worked together and getting a dupe ready was really a pain in the ass. A month before I was due to leave the show, I ogled at her as much as I can, who was a stunning beauty. One evening it rained heavily and it was outdoor shoot. She held up her shower from one hand and in other hand were the scripts. As usual, I was escorting her with my umbrella above her, saving her in all possible ways through the swirling muddy water.  She had the power to draw me to her like Iron filings to a magnet. How was it that I had not noticed her before on television or in newspapers? She was more beautiful without compare, makeup and perfume. Her voice sounded like a pleasant tune. It was a completely one-sided affair, pouring my heart out to her without expecting anything in return. Though I wanted to ask her out for coffee, but had no guts to do so. On my last day my eyes were brimmed with tears. For the last time I saw her, I was full of gratitude and fulfilled. She was only the rose in the desert of my life. When the show was about to go off air, I had sent her a letter through sanchit, which I wrote at two’ o clock at night and a novel with it “The weight of water.” Her beauty of simplicity puts her in a class apart from any other actress in my life. The only thing about her I am left with is, her Photograph resting her right hand on my shoulder.

Written by Krishna Shivkumar Yadav

Second hand bookstore in Mumbai

Let’s talk books.It has now become a weekend routine to visit this 58-year-old second hand bookshop, which always seduces me to buy a few of them lying there to be taken away, sit in the garden next to it, to be with myself and to cherish the nature and most importantly to get away from the chaos and madness which is part and parcel of our life. 20160818_135041j20160818_135301

Uday the shop owner(sitting on the chair) says, “Nobody goes away empty-handed from our shop.” He will also recommend you some great books available in the stock. You can also return the book and get back the half of the money you paid for the book. So, next time when you pass by Matunga, don’t forget to visit this little sanctum.

–Krishna Shivkumar yadav