Since I am below the average to be with you,

I have made you up in my mind,

I hope this you don’t mind.

The Mosaic gold days

I met chao!
That’s what people called him,
But I always addressed him as sir.
We worked, travelled, talked and laughed,
Of random things, and stories untold.
He smoked, drank, and cracked jokes,
Not only enjoyed by me but every folk.
Those were the days, mosaic gold,
And now he ditched the world,
Chilling in heavenly abode.
My blood dried away the moment I heard the news,
I went outside and stood there streaming my dews.
And Meeta, his beloved wife,
And my ma’am, to whom so dear I hold.
I don’t know what to say to her,
So I just held her hand and let myself go.
I can picture how the days are passing for her like tortoise.
But believe me, ma’am,
Wherever he is, he still loves you and I know you love him double.
He is still cracking jokes,
And want you to smile.
Because every time he is mischievously watching you,
So you better be fine!