Being a Copywriter

Hello Mother,
I am doing fine here.
And guess what?
I have got the job!
I am working as a copywriter,
For a media agency.
But they are kind of weird people.
They asked me to write,
A crisp copy and tweak it a little.
Last night they crossed the line.
They asked me to write,
Content pegs for next month.
Mother, I think,
This agency was in the hotel industry,
Before I joined in.

krishna shivkumar  yadav

I am tired

That’s it

I am tired

I can barely walk

The concrete road of life seems

Like a sharp blade under my feet

Every time I walk I bleed

I am tired of pretending

That I am ok, everything is fine

But guess what, it’s not

Why can’t you see by yourself?

Or should I pull my sleeves

To show you the scars

Oh come on let it be

I am tired of saying

If you would have been there

You would have rescued me

You would have come like a wave

Rushing over my feet

But guess what

I am tired of saying so

I ran my fastest to catch you

I held my tightest to stop you

But guess what

You were gone like sand from the tight fist

That’s it

I am tired

But still I hope

Someday you will meet in the streets

And take me in your arms

And kiss me

Hold me to your breast

Because in you I need my rest

I am tired.

That’s it.