I want something that makes people strong and energetic for the present, that borrows the strength of tomorrow for use today- leaving tomorrow without any at all for that matter; or even that would take all life away tomorrow, so long as it enabled me to get home again. that’s what I want. #ThomasHardy #Photography #Photostory


Easy DIY crafts out of empty bottles

Things required: Any empty bottle, Glossy cardboard, magazine, cutter, paste, Glitter and double tape.

Process: First clean the empty bottle properly. Take a hard glossy paper and cut it in rectangular shape. Now cut an eye-catching text or phrase from a magazine and paste it on the cutout glossy cardboard. What you have made so far is a bookmark. Now put the bookmark inside the bottle with the help of double tape at both the ends. You can also put other things like pebbles with motivational text on it. ┬áNow close the lid, move the glittery tape round the lid of the bottle. That’s it. So Simple. DIY Now!