Am I the only one?

Am I the only one who is not able to find the purpose of life? Am I the only one who is not being able to understand what people want from me? Am I the only one who comes up with the question of whether I am needed in this world? Am I the only one who is afraid of being a piece of unwanted thing lying in some corner worthless? Am I the only one who is not being kissed and told how much someone loves me? Am I the only one who is not being hugged and said don’t worry, I am there for you? Am I the only one, who is trying to run away from the home and the gloominess it has to offer? Am I the only one seduced by the thought of leaping to death? Am I the only one who believes that my happiness lies amidst nature? Am I the only one looking for the far-reaching landscape of hills? Am I the only one who is looking not for solitary but combined solitary? Am I the only one?



She lives in a rented slum, persistently and consistently stitching her broken life from the last seven years, after her husband’s sudden death. Her little sanctum is always flooded with pieces of clothes, waiting in great anticipation to get a new form. She is not only known for her skill, but also for establishing and maintaining relationships with her clients. She is survived by two sons and one daughter. She asked me, whether she should wear a sari for the picture. I said it’s OK. She is the living example of indomitable soul.


I want something that makes people strong and energetic for the present, that borrows the strength of tomorrow for use today- leaving tomorrow without any at all for that matter; or even that would take all life away tomorrow, so long as it enabled me to get home again. that’s what I want. #ThomasHardy #Photography #Photostory