I want something that makes people strong and energetic for the present, that borrows the strength of tomorrow for use today- leaving tomorrow without any at all for that matter; or even that would take all life away tomorrow, so long as it enabled me to get home again. that’s what I want. #ThomasHardy #Photography #Photostory


Easy DIY crafts out of empty bottles

Things required: Any empty bottle, Glossy cardboard, magazine, cutter, paste, Glitter and double tape.

Process: First clean the empty bottle properly. Take a hard glossy paper and cut it in rectangular shape. Now cut an eye-catching text or phrase from a magazine and paste it on the cutout glossy cardboard. What you have made so far is a bookmark. Now put the bookmark inside the bottle with the help of double tape at both the ends. You can also put other things like pebbles with motivational text on it. ┬áNow close the lid, move the glittery tape round the lid of the bottle. That’s it. So Simple. DIY Now!



Second hand bookstore in Mumbai

Let’s talk books.It has now become a weekend routine to visit this 58-year-old second hand bookshop, which always seduces me to buy a few of them lying there to be taken away, sit in the garden next to it, to be with myself and to cherish the nature and most importantly to get away from the chaos and madness which is part and parcel of our life. 20160818_135041j20160818_135301

Uday the shop owner(sitting on the chair) says, “Nobody goes away empty-handed from our shop.” He will also recommend you some great books available in the stock. You can also return the book and get back the half of the money you paid for the book. So, next time when you pass by Matunga, don’t forget to visit this little sanctum.

–Krishna Shivkumar yadav