The chocolate wrapper Mattress

The chocolate wrapper Mattress

Mohan’s Chocolate shop was prominent on the salt pan road. He had a huge signboard displayed at the top of his shop which read “A life without chocolates is not worth living”. Whenever children passed by in evening after school leave, those delicious chocolates tempted them. Rahim simply used to glance, how children of his age trampled those delicious chocolates in their mouth which often watered his mouth.

Every night he used to pick all those eaten chocolates rappers lying outside the closed shop and stared them till long hours. Those colourful and captivating wrappers used to content him. After several weeks of endeavour, teacher of a neighbouring school happened to pass by Mohan’s shop and there she was amazed to see Rahim’s chocolate wrapper mattress. She asked him how he made it. “It’s very simple just hold the hem of two wrappers, one above the other and hit a stone on it, both wrappers will get stuck together”, Rahim explained. The Next day it was displayed in the school and he was given consolation prize, a jar of Chocolates. People often asked why he made mattress out of thrown chocolate wrappers. He simply replied, “It gives me the comfort after not being able to buy all those expensive chocolates. “Was Rahim’s life, then worth living without chocolate?” After seeing his condition, the principal gave him free education and hostel to live. No more he roamed on the street, but whenever time permits, he comes and stands before Mohan’s shop simply staring at the past.

Written by Krishna Shivkumar Yadav


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