Kopar Khairane filmmaker Ashish Chowdhary to narrate President’s father life through documentary

Ashish Chowdhary, a resident of Korap Khairane  has embarked on a mission- making a documentary film on the life of freedom frighter and social worker  Kamada Kinker Mukherjee the father of president Pranab Mukherjee .

The documentary is still in the pre- production stage. The person essaying the role of Kamada in the documentary will be Abhijit Mukherjee ,the President’s son. Through this documentary, chowdhary , an alumnus of Xavier’s Institute of communication (XIC) Mumbai,  will bring to the fore the untold story of  KK Mukherjee, a dynamic freedom fighter.

Kk Mukherjee was a dedicated  follower of mahatma Gandhi In 1972, he was awarded Tamra Patra by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Chowdhary  said, “The documentary is in pre- production stage. It will take at least five to six months to get completed. Since it is  a documentary on a noted freedom fighter, I have to gather all facts and figures pertaining to him and work on them. Once the documentary is complete, I will take it to various film festival.

“KK Mukherjee is one of the untold heroes of the freedom struggle. Through  this documentary , I want to create a awareness among people about the heroic freedom fighters  of that time,” he said.

Filmmker Ashish Chowdhary
Kopar Khairne Filmmaker Ashish Chowdhary to narrate President’s father life through documentary.

Chowdhary, a member of Indian film and television Director association and consumer forum has worked on many national and international project including A television and turkey with Melton Innan for Indian discovery channels.

The XIC alumnus is associated with ABC film international, Kani Veri Production and Image India to make ad film, documentary, corporate films. He recently directed a documentary film, produced by Shirdi Sai Chairtable Trust. He he has also been awared the Dnyan Vikas  Samaan Chinn.

—As appeared In  Hindustan Times on September 20, 2014.

2 thoughts on “Kopar Khairane filmmaker Ashish Chowdhary to narrate President’s father life through documentary

  1. I have heard about kamada k mukherjee in very short note by Mr.Sarkar,and now Mr Ashish Chowdhary.I wish good luck and best wishes for the documentary film

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